Terms of TICRO MARKET Online Shop Member

(TICRO MARKET Online Shop Member)
TICRO MARKET Online Shop Member (hereinafter referred to as "Member") shall be the individual who agree on these terms and register as a member by prescribed manner.

TICRO MARKET Online Shop Member shall confrom to the conditions stipulated by TICRO MARKET and can use Sevices for Members (hereinafter referred to as "Service") in the websited operated by TICRO MARKET.

(The Terms)
The terms shall be applied to all the members and you shall follow the terms at the time of and after the registration.

(Member Registration Procedure)
1. Membership
The individual who agrees on the terms and completes applying the prescribed registration manner shall become qualified as a member.

2. Entering Member Information
At the time of member registration application, please thoroughly read caustions on the information you enter and correctly enter your information in the prescribed information form.

(Management of Your User ID and Password)
Members shall take the sole responsibility to manage his/her User ID and Password, not allowing others to know such information.

(Change of Registered Information)
Please immediately change your registered information in case of any change in the information. We shall bear no responsibilities for any loss caused by not changing registered information.

(Whithdrawal from Membership)
If a member wishes to withdraw from membership, the said person shall delete his/her membership information. The membership shall be withdrawn after completing prescribed withdrawal procedure.
                                                                               Established in August 1, 2004